Today's Galactic Signature


Galactic Synchronization.. Imagine the possibilities!~

"Moon 2 Day 9 Yellow Magnetic Sun"

Imagine dancing down a trail, to the rhythm of the wind,
Humming a beautiful song.. chirping of the birds, syncing in.

A strong wind blows by, moving to the melody...
I see another me, dancing on towards, freely

Already we're bobbing our heads, together, of course
Moving our whole bodies with energy of Source

They're beat boxing to the same melody
Cause it's the song of the stars, not just me!

We get closer and do a resonant dance
With full eye contact, moving in a trance

Charging up each other and all infinity!
And everything is dancing, Every bird, every tree!

It's all simple, with a little sensitivity!
It's obvious we're moving with the universal energy...

I think a thought and it appears right in front of me
It must just be a thought of the galaxy!

My friends, this is TRUTH and the way it's always been..
Resonate and attune with galactic synchronization.


Let it shine!

White Cosmic Mirror

Following the beauty, trusting the one,
Resonating with that divine vibration

All is Love, Love is Truth
Allow the symphony of light to shine through

Trust the visions in the minds eye
All the geometries of the sky

The harmonies of love, Symphonies of truth
Allowing the expressions of god to become you

All are One, I see me in you
I know when I do, you see you in me, too

So we become the beauty we intend to perceive
Every moment, in our tone, manifesting reality

So we plant seeds of love and cultivate the energy
See divine creation in everyone and everything

Empower each other and ALL the visions we see
With belief, WE CAN create a dream reality

We believe in each other, with this we are in power
We can bring the vibrations higher and higher

Spiraling through that vortex of love
Bringing in the octaves from above

That's right, this is said, with TRUE FAITH
It's just that easy to walk in the gate...


The energy is love

Blue Self-existing Night, Moon 6, Day 5


We are energetic forms in an energetic space, harmonizing freely with all tones and frequencies of time and space. All the sacred tones and vibrations of the stars and celestial bodies are continuously flowing through us. ALLOW, RELEASE, BREATHE, SING, SHAKE and DANCE with the galactic rhythms. Time is a continuous fractal of harmonic tones. Let the tones play freely through our energy bodies. As we decide to resonate clearly, in alignment with the harmony and beauty of nature and the universe, our world becomes a symphony, as beautiful as the stars and nature in its pure form. As more of us tune in, we co-create a reality of divine love and beauty, in harmony and perfect synchronicity with a universe that supports us, for that is the way of NATURE. Be like a tree, growing freely, just growing, not dramatizing, just BEING beautiful and growing towards the sun. Growing with the natural fractal of the universe, macro/micro. It’s everywhere; let the trees teach us with their movement and growth patterns, these are the geometries of the soul. Dancing with the flow of energy, with the wind, the moon, the tides, letting the energy move us as it does the ocean. That is the energy, GOD, GODDESS, that is the spirit, the great spiral from the source, and the center of the spiraling universe, which is everywhere, always!


We are ONE ENERGY! Forms appear different, but we share energetic space. When there is a vibration, it is felt by ALL, don’t resist, flow with it, letting it move us, no need to think. The creation energy has been flowing forever and it is in harmony, TRUST, SURRENDER to the spirit, we are it! We are all divine beings. We are perfect tones in the grand harmonic of the one. Let’s let it flow in harmony. Deprogram unconscious commitments the disharmonic cycles of modern money centered culture. This is a new paradigm, NOW! A paradigm of beauty, time is love, not money anymore. We are in perfect sync with a complete and harmonic universe. As we align with our true selves which is flowing creation energy, all of our thoughts and vibrations, pure without force or resistance, are the energies of creation, trusting ourselves, we become portals, beckons of beautiful energy, spreading the harmonies and beauty of the stars everywhere we are. Allow the bliss of our true nature to shine through, don’t resist it, it is TRUE! ALLOW BLISS! ALLOW MUTUAL, LIMITLESS LOVE, ALLOW HARMONY. That’s all it takes is to allow and time will take care of the rest of the reprogramming. So we open our eyes and see ourselves in one another, limitless, infinite, all the tones of the universe, macro/micro, here, now and forever, in everything! We are the change we wish to see, WE ARE HARMONY!


Many adventures, back in Santa Cruz!

Moon 5 Day 28
White Crystal Mirror

Gravity is the mother earth's love energy holding us close, allow ourselves to cuddle in her arms...
Love surrounds us, always!

I went out to Nevada City for a couple days and saw some good people, now I'm back here in Santa Cruz, headed off tomorrow early morning to Connecticut to visit my sister and her family... All is well and I am excited about life, as always... I'll be back to Santa Cruz next week!

Check out "ACTIVATION TV" (on right sidebar) It's a playlist that I am working on for all of my friends and family to activate consciousness with!


Ma Om (Program breathe with consciousness)

Moon 5 Day 17
Blue Magnetic Hand

I am in Santa Cruz with my friend's Milton and Piule.. They have a bread truck and are here converting it to run on WASTE VEGETABLE OIL then they plan to drive to Costa Rica... WOW!! Quite an adventure, huh? I have quite a few different options as to how I will spend my winter.. for now.. I will be here..

I was just @ Amma's temple while she was here and it is an amazing experience... I saw so many good friends and was able to charge and cultivate MUCH LOVE there... Amma's primary teaching is to program you BREATH with positive consciousness... She recommends breathing in the tone MA and breathing out the tone OM.. I recommend giving it a shot... The sheiks and kundalini yogis program their breath with Sat Nam which mean True Self (Which is Love and infinite consciousness).. You can program your breath with other consciousness, too depending on your path SHA-LOM is powerful.. pretty much the same tones as Ma Om... People use Ma as a word for mother all over the world.. I call my Mama "Mama".. Om is the universal resonance of the planet in harmony... POWERFUL, PURE, VIBRATIONS to fill to energy everywhere you go! I agree with Amma that these are the highest vibration tones... Breath in Maaa, Breathe out Ommm Program time, space and consciousness with positive vibrations

I am a portal charging all energy with beautiful, infinite, pure consciousness
I activate every energy and space I interact with as a portal
You are now a portal
We are now portals
We activate every energy and space we interact with as a portal
Everything is a portal of activation!

In'Lekesh (I am another you)


Santa Cruz.. Raw food Thanksgiving!

Moon 5 Day 13
Blue Planetary Night

I am now in Santa Cruz hanging with some friends and getting ready for a beautiful Raw Food Thanksgiving!! Hanging out with BEAUTIFUL resonant beings.. including some awesome conscious hip-hop artists, Truth-I is a daykeeper and sacred geometrist) you can check out their music @ It's really activating and beautiful/// you all should definately check them out... GIVE THANKS!!!
I was @ Amma's and got a hug.. she blessed and played my mbira.. I think I will go back tomorrow for Devi Bhava... see what actualizes.. Love you All... In'Lekesh!

Acroyoga in Oakland

Moon 5 Day 13
Blue Planetary Night

This is me and my friend Miquela (Sorry if i spelled in wrong) doing acro-yoga in Oakland.. We know each other friend Intergalactic Rainbow in Mexico last year!